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At Deirdre Cooke Opticians Sligo, we pride ourselves on high quality, professional eye care in comfortable surroundings.

Whether you have had an eye test with us before or this is your first visit, at Deirdre Cooke Opticians we view you as our patient and your eye care is our primary concern. All our patients receive the same level of care and attention, regardless of whether you are a private patient, have a medical card or qualify through your  PRSI.


Healthy Eyes 

None of us like to think about the long winter nights and dark evenings. At Deirdre Cooke Opticians we feel the same but would like to give our patients a few top tips on how to visually survive the winter. Firstly, check the windscreen of your car. If it is dirty and covered in debris, car headlights will reflect more from the windscreen and cause you glare when driving at night. Make sure your car is topped up with a good window wash spray.Secondly, book your eyes in for their winter service. With having had such a wonderful, bright summer, we may not have noticed subtle changes in our vision, but out of focus vision will also lead to more glare when driving at night. When we examine your eyes, our optometrists will also examine your tear quality and quantity. Believe it or not but tears have a more important role than just showing emotion. They cleanse and moisturise the surface of the eye so problems with your tears can really impact on the quality of your vision and the comfort of your eyes. This is especially ture now that we are back to lighting open fires and turning on the heating! Contact us today to arrange your eye's NCT.

The Maui Jim Experience

Have a look at these amazing lenses which all the golfers are raving about:


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Monday - Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm

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Call in and see for yourself how the new OPTIFOG lens could change your life!

We are proud to be Sligo's only Eyezone Optician - bringing you quality products and services at affordable prices!

ORTOPAD eye patches now in stock!

Ortopad Eye Patch Pic

a wonderful range of multicoloured hypoallergenic orthoptic eye patches...

Beautiful range of cords and accessories just in !


Beaded Cords Chains


Finally the lens we have all been waiting for..

Essilor Crizal Lenses Optifog Fog Steam







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