Cooke Opticians Closed

In light of the seriousness of the Covid19 pandemic, and the social distancing recommendations from the HSE, we have decided to close Cooke Opticians until further notice. We know this decision is in the best interest of our patients, our employees and the community as a whole.

Let's look out for each other by staying at home and help protect each other in this very worrying and challenging time.

We will try to facilitate ocular/eye emergencies where possible. 
We will also try to facilitate urgent collecting of orders of glasses etc. where possible.
Please contact us in relation to this.

Emergency contact no: 083 1164962

Thank you for your continued support. Stay home and stay safe.
Nuala, Tara, Deirdre and team

Welcome to Cooke Opticians

At Cooke Opticians, Sligo, we pride ourselves on high quality, professional eye care in comfortable surroundings. Can't find us?! We may have moved since you were last with us - but don't worry, we have not gone far! We only moved 4 doors in our new building, formerly Coleman Electrical, next door to WB's Cafe.

Whether you have had an eye test with us before or this is your first visit, at Cooke Opticians we view you as our patient, and your eye care is our primary concern. All our patients receive the same level of care and attention, regardless of whether you are a private patient, have a medical card or qualify through your PRSI. Why us?

  •     Over 20 years experience

  •     Comprehensive exams (minimum 30 minutes) including the latest ophthalmic technology including OCT Scanner and VisiOffice

  •     Stockist of a wide variety of budget and designer frames

  •     On site lab with one hour glazing service


Watching television, updating your Instagram account, and a whole load of other digital activities are now part and parcel of our daily lives — to the point where we don’t know how we used to live without them. And our eyes are exposed to screens for a significant amount of time every day. In fact, according to the 2016 digital eye strain report conducted by The Vision Council, 60% of people spend more than 5 hours every day looking at a screen.

What’s more, the Bank of America conducted a mobility report in 2015 which found that 35% of people reach for their phones in the morning ahead of coffee, a toothbrush, or their significant other.

Sure enough, too much screen time is tiring for our eyes, but this doesn’t mean you need to abandon your devices. New lenses, that don’t need to be for prescription, can help to prevent these problems caused by staring at screens in the workplace and at home.

Whichever type of online personality you are, whichever devices you use, Eyezen lenses can reduce your eyestrain. Unlike ordinary glasses, these innovative lenses are made for the modern world — and the digital devices that come with it. They are designed to relieve visual fatigue, improve contrast, and prevent against premature aging of the eyes, causes by UV and blue-violet light in our everyday lives. Some sources of blue-violet light include modern indoor lighting and the sun.

We can’t avoid blue- light altogether, however. It is most commonly found in sunlight, and the blue turquoise part helps to regulate our sleep/wake cycles, as well as boosting our alertness and moods. It’s just when we are exposed to the violet part for too long when it can become a problem. That’s why the Essilor Eyezen lenses selectively filter out the harmful blue-violet light rays emitted the sun and some modern light sources, while letting the beneficial blue-turquoise light through. The enhanced lenses allow you to see accurately and comfortably no matter what digital device you are using – no prescription necessary.

Whats New at Cooke Opticians?

Introducing our new OCT Scanner!

A 3D OCT scanner can detect potentially serious conditions that can affect your eyesight and your overall health, including:
#1: Aged Related Macular Degeneration
#2: Diabetes
#3: Glaucoma
#4: Vitreous Detachments
#5: Macular Holes

Your optician will take both a digital photograph and a 3D cross section scan of the back of your eye - but don't worry - it doesn't hurt or take long to do!

New Lens Offer Commencing Feb 2019!


Some of which include:

2nd set of lenses complimentary when ordering your 1st pair with the Crizal UV anti-reflection lenses (for example: 2 sets of distance glasses)

2nd set of lenses half price when ordering your 1st pair with the Crizal UV anti-reflection lenses (for example: 2 sets of varifocals)

So many options and so little room here! So for all the T&C's and different options available, give us a call or pop into us today!

Adiós for the better!

We work closely with our contact lens providers and there will be a few changes from them in the coming months - namely contact lenses being discontinued as they are replaced by newer and more up to date materials and technologies.  We will contact any patients affected in the coming weeks regarding their contact lenses, and possible alternatives. We are still able to order them from our suppliers, but it is only while stocks last.  The contact lens brands affected at the moment are Acuvue 1 Day Define and Acuvue 1 Day Trueye (both by J&J) and Bioclear 1 Day (by Sauflon).

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