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At Deirdre Cooke Opticians Sligo, we pride ourselves on high quality, professional eye care in comfortable surroundings.

Whether you have had an eye test with us before or this is your first visit, at Deirdre Cooke Opticians we view you as our patient, and your eye care is our primary concern. All our patients receive the same level of care and attention, regardless of whether you are a private patient, have a medical card or qualify through your PRSI.


Hallowe'en Horrors

Costume, cosmetic, coloured, novelty or decorative contact lenses are any type of contact lens that can alter the appearance of your eyes.  They can make eye popping statements when combined with your Halloween costume – like the blood vampire, zombie green, glow in the dark cat eyes or ghostly whites. 

However, beware of the harmful side effects that could haunt those who illegally buy decorative lenses over the counter.  These harmful side effects include severe and painful eye infections, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, visual impairment….and even blindness.

Websites and party shops often advertise and sell cosmetic contact lenses as if they are a fashion accessory, toy or cosmetic. However, selling any type of contact lens over the counter is illegal in Ireland, for anybody other than an optometrist, an optician or a medical practitioner. Care is needed in the handling, wearing, storing and cleaning of all of contact lens.

While coloured, cosmetic or decorative contact lenses are a concern all year around, people are more inclined to use them to enhance their costumes and characters around the Halloween season. This means that someone who never wore contact lenses before, may not know any of the following:
• Buying contacts without a prescription is dangerous
• Selling contact lenses without a prescription is illegal
• How to care for them
• How to clean them
• You cannot sleep in them
• You can’t share them with friends
• You can’t shower or swim whilst wearing contacts
• There is not a “one size fits all” contact lens
• Contact lenses are medical devices that need to fitted by an eye care professional
• Dirty contacts can carry dangerous bacteria that can lead to painful and blinding infections

[Contact lenses are included in the legal definition of spectacles and are governed by the Health & Social care Profession Act 2005, as amended 2014. Association of Optometrists Ireland]


Why Deirdre Cooke Opticians?

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Comprehensive exams including the latest ophthalmic technology
  • Minimum 30 minutes per eye examination
  • Stockist of a wide variety of budget and designer frames
  • On site lab with one hour glazing service
  • Local and independent


Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday
9.30am to 5.30pm

Closed for Lunch
Mondays and Saturdays only

1.00pm to 2.00pm

The Maui Jim Experience

Have a look at these amazing lenses which all the golfers are raving about:

New Reality - New Lenses

Ordinary lenses help us see the world.  Eyezen lenses enhance the way we live in it.

Essilor's lenses are a technological advancement designed for how you view all your modern digital devices. The result? Lenses that don’t just fit you; they fit how you interact with the world.
That's all great - but what does it mean?!

  • Eyezen lenses selectively filter up to 20% of harmful blue light rays - therefore helping to protect our eyes against harmful diseases.
  • Since mobile phones have different screen sizes to laptops or TV's, Eyezen lenses are enhanced to help you see comfortably regardless of sizes, and the distances you hold them. This helps you continue to see clearly and reduce eye strain.
  • Small type and pixelated images force our eyes to work harder in order to focus. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also it can take you away from what you really want to be doing - like watching youtube clips of cute kittys!

Half Price Lenses!

As part of Essilor's 'See More Do More' campaign, we are pleased to offer a 2nd set of lenses half price when ordering your 1st pair with the Crizal UV anti-reflection lenses.

For all the T&C's and different options available, give us a call or pop into us today!
Hurry! Offer ends 31st October 2016!

Perfect if looking for sunglasses or a spare set of readers!



Over 100 new frames now in stock of Kxos, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Humphreys, Brendel, Paul Costello....just to name a few! 

Sports Eyewear

At Deirdre Cooke Opticians, we carry a wide range of sports eyewear, the majority of which can be fitted with your prescription so no excuses for not improving your game! Read More

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