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At Deirdre Cooke Opticians Sligo, we pride ourselves on high quality, professional eye care in comfortable surroundings.

Whether you have had an eye test with us before or this is your first visit, at Deirdre Cooke Opticians we view you as our patient and your eye care is our primary concern. All our patients receive the same level of care and attention, regardless of whether you are a private patient, have a medical card or qualify through your  PRSI.


Healthy Eyes 

It's officailly summer and at Deirdre Cooke Opticians we are ready and waiting for the sun to appear! Call in and see our fabulous range of Maui Jim, Lacoste, Gucci, Guess, Gant, Bolle, Fendi and Elle sunglasses. All our frames have been chosed to make you feel and look amazing but the fit of your sunglasses is what concerns our staff the most. Did you know that badly fitting sunglasses are not protecting your eyes as effectively from UV light? Light rays that sneak in from behind you are reflected off your sunglass lens and are directed straight into your eyes. We all know the harm UV can do. Call into Deirdre Cooke Opticians and let us assess the fit of your sunglasses today - or treat yourself to an up-grade! Now, where is that sun .... 

The Maui Jim Experience

Have a look at these amazing lenses which all the golfers are raving about:


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Blue light is emitted from artifical lights which can be found from overhead lighting, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, iPads and smartphones, just to name a few. Crizal Preventia is the first lens to block out the most harmful section of this hazardous blue light spectrum. It is, therefore, the newest technology in a clear lens which provides the most complete protection in terms of visual health. From 1st June 2014, Deirdre Cooke Opticians have a special introductionary offer - not only do you receive a lens which offers glare reduction, is smudge resistant, dust and water repellant and has a 2 year no-quibble guarantee against stratches, it also protects your eyes from the damage of harmful blue rays!

We are proud to be Sligo's only Eyezone Optician - bringing you quality products and services at affordable prices!


Is sport an important part of your life? Does your vision allow you to maximise your sporting potential? Deirdre Cooke opticians are delighted to introduce our wide range of sports eyewear, the majority of which can be fitted with your prescription so no excuses for not improving your game!

Call in to try on the various models for yourself, we carry samples of all the products in stock!

ORTOPAD eye patches now in stock!

Ortopad Eye Patch Pic

a wonderful range of multicoloured hypoallergenic orthoptic eye patches...

Beautiful range of cords and accessories just in !


Beaded Cords Chains


Finally the lens we have all been waiting for..

Essilor Crizal Lenses Optifog Fog Steam


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