EyeZen Lenses

Ordinary lenses help us see the world.  Eyezen lenses enhance the way we live in it.

Essilor's lenses are a technological advancement designed for how you view all your modern digital devices. The result? Lenses that don’t just fit you; they fit how you interact with the world.

That's all great - but what does it mean?!



  • Eyezen lenses selectively filter up to 20% of harmful blue light rays which radiate off screens like mobile phones, computers, laptops, iPad's, etc - therefore helping to protect our eyes against harmful diseases.

  • Since mobile phones have different screen sizes to laptops or TV's, Eyezen lenses are enhanced to help you see comfortably regardless of the size, or the distances, you hold them at. This helps you to see clearly and reduce eye strain.

  • Small type print and pixelated images force our eyes to work harder in order to focus. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also it can take you away from what you really want to be doing - like watching youtube clips of cute kittys!


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