Introducing the NEW Essilor Visioffice to Sligo

Deirdre Cooke Opticians are proud to be the first Optometrists to bring the New Essilor Visioffice to Sligo.

The Visioffice System is an all-encompassing system that allows opticians to obtain every possible measurement required for modern lenses- with extreme accuracy. By using the Visioffice - the world's first universal 3D measuring system, we can revolutionise frame selection and varifocal adaption.

Our fully trained staff can take high quality images of numerous frames as you try them on - we can even take a video of you wearing your selection. You can then stand back and make a direct comparison of up to 4 frames at a time ensuring you choose the best frame every time. We can also demonstrate the various lens types and lens finishes available to you once you have selected your frame. The Visioffice can give a very realisitic demonstration of the advantages of Polarised, Transitions, Hi index and Anti Reflective coated lenses and show you a direct comparison between viewing through one of these superb lenses versus a standard lens.

Any of you who have tried a varifocal or know someone who has, knows a period of adaption is required. The new Visioffice allows the staff at Deirdre Cooke Opticians to assess your natural head posture, head movements and eye movements and thus design a bespoke varifocal just for you. Call in for a demonstration on the difference the correct varifocal could make to your life!

Deirdre Cooke Essilor Visioffice Machine Varifocals

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